Lut desert is a large magical desert in center of Iran. It is the world’s 27th largest desert and the hottest land surface on planet earth. Lut’s area is about 20000 square miles. This desert is far more than just a hot wasteland. Lut is decorated with volcanic rock formations, ancient castles with a forgotten history, tall moving sand dunes, sinkholes and one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. But that’s not all, deserts are famous for their skies and Lut is not an exception. When you look at the sky in night time, you’ll find yourself drowning in an ocean of stars that has no end and the beauty of this ocean cannot be described by words.

Some parts of Lut are named Dasht-e-Naumid (the Desert without Hope), Dasht-e-Marg (the Desert of Death) and Gandom Berian (Burning Wheat). These names originate from common belief that the desert is too hot for any life form to survive in it, but during past few years, scientists have discovered insects, plants, reptiles and even mamals in the desert.

Those who have travelled to Lut, describe it as one of the most mystical and peaceful places they have ever been to.

Breath taking beauty, magnificent sandy hills, salt lakes and many other stunning marvels make Lut an extremely popular and wonderful tourist destinations in Iran.


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