Almost two years ago with the purpose of expanding Tara touristic services corporation and completing the travel cycle, we decided to stablish a traveling agency in the heart of Europe. The result of our constant research and analyzing the market was Persia Tus agency in the center of classical and modern art, Madrid, Spain. Our purpose in Persia Tus and Tara holding is using the valuable experience and knowledge of our experts inside and outside of Iran and most importantly my father’s experience and wisdom as an idle in Iran’s hotel and tourism industry in order to improve the quality of your travel. Absolute satisfaction and loyalty of our costumers has been our primary goal ever since we drafted our strategic plan. I do hope that all of our hard work and relentless effort to promote the Iranian rich culture and to introduce the real face of Iran and 2500 years of ancient history to the world and changing Iran’s bad image among other nations would be fruitful and a reward for those who spent their lifetime in this path.




                                                   Fariddodin Attar


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