Souvenirs and Handicrafts of Persia

Craftsmanship is an ancient art in Iran that is passed down through generations from father to son. The elegance of the ancient civilization of this oriental empire is reflected through its handicrafts and art. The magic of this art compels anyone specially tourists to take home a small piece as a memorial of their journey to the most stunning empire in the world. Among these masterpieces, Persian rugs and decorated vases have worldwide fame. Persian rugs are famous for their elegant design and historical background and Vases are popular because they are very unique and extremely beautiful.

There are 299 branches of crafts in Iran such as wood carvings, ceramics, folklore clothing, Termeh, metal engraving, textile, etc. Out of all these branches, two of them are registered in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, which are traditional carpet weaving skill in city of Kashan and Fars province.


Persian Carpets

Global popularity and fame of Persian Rugs is beyond measure. These masterpieces are an inseparable part of Persian culture and have been in a major part of Iranian people since ancient times. The artistic design of Persian Carpets and their unmeasurable value has made them a suitable and popular choice for art collections and museums.

Carpets woven in towns and regional centers like Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad, Kashan, Isfahan, Nain and Qom are characterized by their specific weaving techniques and use of high-quality materials, colors and patterns.

The art of carpet weaving has been an Iranian exclusive skill for centuries.   

Persian Miniatures

The rich history and culture of Persian Empire is often illustrated through miniature paintings. Iranian Miniature is a heavily detailed painting which depicts religious, historical or mythological themes.

Miniature painting became a significant Persian form in the 13th century and while inspiring other Muslim and Western artists, it continued its evolution.

Agha Reza Reza-e Abbasi (also Reza Abbasi) (1565 - 1635) was the most renowned Persian miniaturist, painter and calligrapher of the Isfahan School, which flourished during the Safavid period under the patronage of Shah Abbas I.


Wood Carvings

Persian Wood Carving, also known as Monabbar-Kari, is an ancient Persian art. It is one of the most amazing and artistic crafts in the world. Persian Wood Carvers turn raw wood into unique peerless masterpieces.

This magnificent form of art can be applied on almost everything, including windows, doors, jewelry boxes, couches, beds, etc.

Iranian wood carvings are among the most popular handicrafts of Persia. They are the best Souvenirs to remember Iran by.



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