2200 meters above sea level, near Sepidan in Fars province, there is a stunning waterfall called Margoon. It appears that God has copied a piece of paradise directly onto earth. The waterfall is about 100 meters wide and its height is 70 meters. Margoon is one of the most popular and beautiful natural attractions in Iran. The waterfall is the source of a river and its water is supplied by thousands of springs pouring out of the mountain walls. 

As Margoon waterfall protected area is a part of Zagros Mountain range, it has diverse flora and fauna. Oak is the main plant of the forests of the area and brown bear, Persian leopard, wolf, fox, wild boar, wild goat, and porcupine are some of its wilderness.

The climate of this area is rather chilly. The waterfall freezes during winter, but the weather is mild and pleasant in summers. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit this great site.


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