Masuleh is one of the most famous and touristic villages in all of Iran. A must-see, lush and fertile village that has its own unique beauties all year long even though it is very cold and covered in snow during winters. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Masuleh is its one of a kind architecture. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Houses are built atop each other like a staircase in a way that the lowest houses are 100 meters lower than the houses on top of the village, creating a view you will never forget.

Traditional and local architects of this historical town have adopted special and intellectual plans for creating visual attractions in expression and creation of tiling in the walls of the monuments.

In addition to natural attractions, Masuleh is a historical village dating back to 969 A.D.

Due to Its unique geographical location, Masuleh has a very pleasant climate, making it the perfect destination for a touristic trip.


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