Kal Jenni canyon is a stunning attraction located close to Tabas in Khorasan province. The canyon is extremely beautiful and mysterious valley with a lot of folklore behind it. It is said that this valley is home to jinns and demons and those who dare to enter their realm might never find their way back.

The reason behind such superstitions is the scary looking columns, arcs, and walls that makes people believe jinns and demons live there.

The second reason is the existence of room looking structures inside the canyon walls. Historians don’t know the exact function of these rooms. Local people on the other hand, say that they are houses of jinns.

Apart from the myths, the valley is a beautiful, mind blowing and peaceful place. It is a miniature version of grand canyon in united states.

Taking a tour in Kal Jenni is a unique experience. If you ever got the chance be sure to visit this magnificent place.


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