Shirbad is a newly opened ski resort in Khorasan province and it is the only ski resort in the east. The resort was opened in 2012 and it has been upgrading ever since.

There are multiple transportations systems in Shirbad to make your climb easier, there are two large snowmobiles and a chair lift line. In addition to that you can have a peaceful meal at the mountain restaurant or enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

What makes Shirbad truly special is the quality of the powder and the 1200 meter long track with a gentle slope that creates the perfect circumstances for skiing.

There are also training classes for those who want to learn how to ski and a center that rents and sells ski equipment. If you are planning to stay in Shirbad for a day or two, you will not have a problem there is a small accommodation center that rents rooms for those who wish to spend some time in the mountains.

 this resort is being upgraded and equipped as time passes and better features are being installed to give you a pleasant experience.

If you ever had the chance to go to Khorasan, don’t miss Shirbad Ski Resort.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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