Most people prefer to travel during spring or summer when the weather is good and everything is green. But there are those love winter and its cold weather as much as spring and summer. If you like traveling in winter stay with us, Persiatus will show you the best places to go during winter in Iran. Places you probably never even heard of. Islands, jungle, waterfalls and ski resorts. The southern part of Iran is shielded from winter and it is always pretty warm down there, which makes it a great destination during winter. Sothern islands of Iran are a great destination for those who wish to get away from the stressful urban environment. Peace, quiet and miles away from daily clashes with beautiful sandy and rocky beaches this islands are the perfect place to leave all the tension behind, go swimming, scuba diving, fishing and taking a relaxing sun bath.

. The western part on the other hand is perfect for winter sports and spending some time in deep snow.



Kish island (pearl of the Persian Gulf)

 Kish is one of the most popular destinations for tourist from all around the world. You can find tourists in the island in every season. Kish combines the traditional and modern attractions and offers the best experience to those who want to have a great time. There are multiple tourist attractions on the island such as: coral beach, dolphinarium, the Greek ship and Harireh ancient city. Off course let’s not forget the fun parts: kart racing, safari, the great aquarium and lots of other stuff. You can also enjoy the privileges of some of the best 5-star hotels in the middle east


Qeshm (the island of seven wonders)

With the area of 1500 km², Qeshm is the largest Iranian island. in addition to its beautiful beaches, the island has several historical sites and malls and you can enjoy exiting water recreations. Qeshm is the first Geological park In the middle east and it is under the protection of UNESCO. There are also different choices for accommodation, from luxury hotels to traditional desert houses.

But what makes this island truly amazing are the impressive geological features: Namakdan salt caves, for example, are reportedly the longest of their kind in the world. The intriguing erosions of the Chahkouh Valley are also breathtaking. One of the most stunning things about the island is its post-apocalyptic view. When you travel to Qeshm and see the sites you’ll find yourself amazed by this magnificent piece of land.


Abu Musa

Abu Musa is 222 kilometers south of Bandar Abbas and its area is about 25 km². beaches of Abu Musa have the clearest water in the entire region. Abu Musa has the highest potential for nature tourism among the Iranian islands.


Hormoz (the red bride of Persian Gulf)

Hormoz is famous for its red soil. But soil is not everything you find in this island. Stepping on the silver, white and golden sands is like walking in a dream and the orange and red mountains are like an unforgettable illusion. Hormoz is a beautiful island in the heart of Persian Gulf, an island full of adventure bearing the mark of ancient empires, making it an excellent destination for those who wish to see the world in a different way.


Kushk (a piece of paradise)

Due to its unique geographical position, pleasant and humid weather, beautiful natural attractions, being next to Karun river and having luxury rentable villas Kushk is one of the best options for an unforgettable vacation. You can rent a boat, go fishing or mountain climbing or go bicycle riding.


Hengam (nature’s dolphinarium)

This 37 kilometer island is known for being the habitat of not just dolphins but also various aquatic species. There are red soil and mountains and silver sandy beaches on the island and since the beach is enriched with minerals and shining particles, when light shines on the beach it creates a magnificent sight you will never forget. If you ever get the chance to go to Hengam don’t forget to swim in its crystal clear waters.


Larak island (The Magical Island)

Larak is a small beautiful island in the Persian Gulf and it is very close to strait of Hormoz. during their occupation in the 16th century, the Portuguese built fortresses here, as well as on the nearby Qeshm and Hormoz Islands. Apart from the Portuguese fortress built on the island and the telegram house of East India company, there are 800-year old houses carved into the mountains of the island. But Larak has more surprises. There is something very special about beaches of the island, at night if there is no wind and no waves you will see that as it gets dark the beach starts to shine. Phytoplankton live close to the beach and at night when the sea is calm they begin to shine, creating a magical view you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Chogha Zanbil Temple

This temple is an ancient Elamite complex in southwest of Iran and it is one of the few existing ziggurats in the world. The temple was built 1250 years B.C and it is still standing today. Due to extremely hot and dry weather in summer the temple cannot be visited, but winter is the perfect time to visit this ancient temple.


Shushtar historical hydraulic system

this magnificent complex is an irrigation system of the Shushtar city from Sassanid era. The complex is a UNESCO world heritage site and Iran’s 10th cultural heritage site to be registered on united nation’s list.

Parts of the irrigation system are said to originally date to the time of Darius the great an Achaemenian king of Iran. It partly consists of a pair of primary diversion canals in the Karun river, one of which is still in use today. It delivers water to the Shushtar city via a route of supplying tunnels. The area includes Salasel Castel, which is the axis for operation of the hydraulic system. It also consists of a tower for water level measurement, along with bridges, dams, mills, and basins.

The hot summer weather makes it a little hard to go to this historical site, but at winters the weather is mils and the perfect time to travel to Shushtar.


Winter recreations in Iran

Other places you absolutely have to visit in Iran during winter are ski resorts and snow covered mountains. Among Iranian ski resorts Dizin is the crown jewel of them all, but make no mistake Pooladkaf, Darbandsar, Sahand, Shirbad and the other ski resorts in Iran are all as good as Dizin, making Iran one of the greatest destinations for winter recreations.


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