Situated deep within Alborz mountain range, Dizin is the largest and most popular ski resort in the entire middle east. It is the first ski resort in Iran which is recognized by international ski federation as a standard track for international competitions.

Dizin is a completely equipped and modern resort, there are 23 tracks, 4 telecabin lines, 2 chairlift lines, 2 hotels, 19 rental hovels and 5 restaurants situated within the complex and many other features such as parking, archery range, hang gliding and bicycle riding.

The best time for going to this white heaven is from December until may. Dizin’s high altitude has made its weather extremely delightful during summers. Temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius during the hottest days of summer, making this complex a great destination for summer vacations as well. But nothing can be compared to the amount of thrill and adrenaline you can get out of your trip to Dizin during winter.

If you take a trip to Dizin ski resort, it will become one of the greatest memories in your lifetime, one that you would never forget.  


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