Maranjab Desert

If you’re planning a one-day trip to a beautiful and sandy dessert located close to the nation’s capital we recommend Maranjab.

This magnificent desert is located in Isfahan province, around Aran-o-Bidgol county, close to underground city of Nushabad.

Maranjab is 850 meters above sea level and its reliable security, fairly moderate weather, Diversity in tourist attractions, surprising wildlife and vegetation have created a unique opportunity for investment and attract thousands of tourists to Maranjab every year.

Due to abundant of food and reach vegetation comparing to other deserts, the animal species are much more diverse in Maranjab.

Another one of the attractions about the area is the Salt Lake and its wondering island. Shah Abbas I named this desert and established a castle in its heart in order to keep the Afghan and Tajik forces from reaching Isfahan and raiding caravans.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to travel to Maranjab. Temperature reaches 19 degrees Celsius at midday and 5 degrees at night. The beginning of spring is also a good time for desert tours but during summer the heat is unbearable and traveling to desert is almost impossible.


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