Varzaneh Desert

Iran has some very strange and mysterious attractions, one of these attractions is Varzaneh, a desert so beautiful and mesmerizing that will take your breath away.

Varzaneh is one of the most popular deserts in Iran and has the biggest desert touristic complex in all of Iran. You can ride quad-wheel motorcycles, ziplines, ride camels and ride off road cars on sandy dunes.

Every year in Varzaneh a camel racing contest is held and participants from all over the country take part in the competition. The races are held in April and May and if you travel to desert in this time you will witness a fascinating desert race.

You can also rent a surfing board from residential centers and go sand surfing. The dunes are solid enough to hold your weight and high enough to give you a thrilling experience. Sand surfing is a very popular and cheap activity among the tourist who visit Varzaneh dessert.

The wildlife is also quite amazing. There are Meriones, Falcones, Sand Cats, Horned viper, Jaculuses, Common buzzard, sand foxes and plants such as Calligonum and other types of plants, reptiles and mammals.

Varzaneh might be one of the most attractive areas in Iran but the desert is not the only attractions in the region, there are several historical sites in the nearby villages and counties.


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