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Day 1: Spain-Tehran

Day 2: Tehran

Day 3: Tehran-Mashhad

Day 4: Mashhad

Day 5: Mashhad-Kerman

Day 6: Kerman-Rayen-Mahan

Day 7: Kerman-Yazd

Day 8: Yazd

Day 9: Yazd- Necropolis- Persepolis -Shiraz

Day 10: Shiraz

Day 11: Shiraz- Pasargad-Isfahan

Day 12: Isfahan

Day 13: Isfahan-Abyaneh-Kashan-Tehe Rán

Day 14: Tehran-Spain


Day 1: Tehran

Today we will visit the most populous city in Iran. Tehran has a great cultural wealth and several museums that contain part of the history of Persia, some of them considered the best in the world, we will visit the Saad Abad or Niavaran Palace (Depending on the day of visit), Tajrish Bazaar, Darband and afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.





Day 2: Tehran

Today we will visit the oldest monument in the city, the Golestan Palace, Masterpiece of the Qajar era, then we will see the Archeology Museum to know the collection of Persian antiquities, then we will see the Museum of Jewels (open Saturday to Tuesday), an exceptional exhibition of jewels from different monarchies. In the afternoon we will take a walk through Nature Bridge and afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.

Day 3: Tehran-Mashhad

Internal flight to Mashhad, arrival at Mashhad International Airport, Visit the Imam Reza shrine, Nader Shah Museum, Visit the traditional carpet market, Visit to the oldest museum in Iran containing stamps, ancient coins and astronomy equipment, weapons arsenal. In the afternoon, visit to the crafts of Torghabe, Dinner in the traditional gardens


Day 4: Mashhad-Nishapur-Chubin-Mashhad Village

Visit to Nishapur, a 2000-year-old city, a visit to the tombs of Attar and Khayyam, the wooden village, Visit the traditional market, Turquoise Workshop, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Return to Mashhad.


Day 5: Mashhad-Kerman 

Internal flight to Kerman, visits begin with the Ganjali Khan Complex, a magnificent building covered by beautiful tiles and paintings. Next, we will see the Jameh Mosque and the Bazar, afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.


Day 6 Kerman-Mahen-Rayen

Mahan and Rayen excursion. In Mahan we will visit the Dervish sanctuary, founder of a dervish order, completely covered with turquoise mosaic and Shazdeh Garden (World Heritage Site). In Rayen we will see the citadel of Rayen a Sassanid fortress built entirely in adobe. afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.



Day 7: Kerman-Saryazd-Yazd

Departure to Yazd also known as the city of wind catchers, on the way we will visit the village Saryazd. Upon arriving in Yazd we will visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the sacred fire that has been burning for 1,500 years without ever going out. afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.


Day 8: Yazd

Excursion in the city of large adobe buildings with a brick architecture and ventilation towers to cool the houses on hot desert days. We will see the Tower of Silence, where the Zoroastrians left their dead to be discarded by the vultures, The Garden of Dowlat Abad (World Heritage Site), The Jameh Mosque, with the highest minarets in the country, The Old Town, The Complex by Amir Chakhmaq, Timurid construction of the 14th century, and at last the Water Museum, where you can observe in detail how the Persians managed the water in the desert.


Day 9: Yazd- Necropolis- Persepolis -Shiraz

Departure to Shiraz, on the way we will see Persepolis, a World Heritage Site, the vestiges of the capital of the Achaemenid Persian Empire until its conquest by Alexander the Great. We will continue to Necropolis of the kings (Naqsh-e Rustam), where in the remains of the great Achaemenid kings rest in tombs carved into the Mountains, arriving at Shiraz we will see the tomb of Hafez.


Day 10: Shiraz

Entire day dedicated to Shiraz, a city with more than 4000 years of history we will visit The Nasir al Molk Mosque (known as the pink mosque), Vakil Complex including Vakil and Bazaar Mosque, Karim Khan Citadel, a fortress with towers and walls decorated with geometric drawings, which was built as a residence of Karim Khan. Next, we will see The Eram Garden, Shah Cheraq, afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.


Day 11: Shiraz- Pasargad-Isfahan

In the morning, we will leave for our next destination, Isfahan. In the way we will visit Pasargadae (Tomb of Cyrus, World Heritage Site). Arrival in Isfahan in the afternoon, we will visit the Si-o Se Pol bridge at night, famous for its 33 arches and its unique architecture.


Day 12: Isfahan

The entire day dedicated to the city of Isfahan, a city with fabulous Islamic architecture, a European traveler passing by once said: " He who has not seen Isfahan, has not seen the world." This day we will see the Imam Square (World Heritage Site by UNESCO), Shah Abbas Mosque (Imam Mosque), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (exclusive mosque for women in the Safavid court of the 17th century), Ali Qapu Palace, a residential and ceremonial palace of the Safavid kings, Chehel Sotún Palace with its twenty wooden columns, Vank Cathedral, an Armenian cathedral, decorated with a mixture of Islamic and Christian imagery and Khaju Bridge. Afterwards you will be Transferred back to hotel.


Day 13: Isfahan-Abyaneh-Kashan-Tehran

Departure to Kashan, the city of rose water. On the way we will visit Abyaneh Town, a town with 400 years of rich history also known as The Red Village. Next, we will go to Kashan, one of the oldest cities in Iran, there we will visit the Tabatabaei House, Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Agha Bozorg Mosque. Departure to Tehran.


Day 14: Tehran-Spain

Transfer to the airport, Flight back to Spain






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